on line
a manifestation of the human border (2018)

© Estelle Evrard

a walking performance along the luxembourgish border
over 400 km in 26 days

In june 2018, Clio Van Aerde started her expedition during which she seeked to explore the physical border of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. The departure and arrival point was Schengen and to arrive back to the starting point, it took her 26 days. The artist walked as precisely as possible along the border-line. Thanks to the collaboration with MUDAM, the public was able to observe the development of this endeavor in real time in the museum and online.

Clio Van Aerde was intrigued by the recurrent mentions of “borders” in her daily life and set herself to question
this notion through a physical process. Through this recent work, she explored how such an approach has the
potential to provoke a shift of perspective in our understanding of socio-political constructions such as country, nationality, community, identity or border.

collaboration / partners
Estelle Evrard and Cyril Blondel, members of the Institute of Géography and Spacial Planning of the University of Luxembourg
MUDAM, Musée d’art moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg
Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie, Luxembourg
artistic consultant: Camille Chanel

Three Borders, a documentary by Catherine Dauphin about the project on line premiered on September 30th 2019 at MUDAM (LU)

with the generous support of

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