Clio Van Aerde is an artist and scenographer based in Luxembourg and Vienna. She studied scenography in Madrid (Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos - TAI) and Paris (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs - ENSAD), before graduating at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna in 2016. Her artistic practice questions the trivial relations between body, time and space through performances that explore repetition and endurance. Her performance series throughout Europe Syndrome de la Décélération (2016) and her latest project on line - a manifestation of the human border (LU, 2018) being the most significant ones. Next to her own practice, she works in theatre production as a stage and costume designer. She was a scenography assistant for Rimini Protokoll on Nachlass (CH, 2016) before working as a stage designer on Die grossen Abenteuer der kleinen Sara Crewe (AT, 2018) by Frances Hodgson Burnett directed by Jethro Compton at Theater der Jugend Wien and Stupid Fucking Bird by Aaron Posner (LU, 2019) directed by Anne Simon at théâtre des Capucins Luxembourg. She also worked in set design on several Film productions in Luxembourg e.g. Quenottes (2014), Egon Schiele-Tod und das Mädchen (2015), Invisible Sue (2017). Since 2017, she engages in the organisation and development of the artistic research based residency Antropical as part of Kolla Festival in Steinfort (LU).